Pros and Cons of Different E-Wallets

Pros and Cons of Different E-Wallets

E-Wallet also referred to as a digital wallet, is an electronic device or a software program that eases online transactions. E-wallets have become a common transaction method to various casino players in New Zealand thanks to many advantages that the methods bring. But many gamers are still burning the midnight oil searching for the best ways to improve their transaction not knowing the right method to use. Well, e-wallets are providing the option we’ve all been waiting for. But before you jump straight into it, you must know that not all these transaction methods will work for you. That’s why we have a well-detailed review of the best e-wallets together with their pros and cons to help you choose the best. Read through to the end to make a good choice for your gambling transactions and other needs.

1. PayPal E-Wallet

PayPal is one of the famous electronic devices in New Zealand. Earlier days, many casino gamers find it difficult to secure the payments, delay payments and slow signing to your account. But PayPal came just in time to solve the problem. PayPal e-wallet guarantees you faster payments, faster withdrawal and deposits. If you sign in to a casino that uses Paypal for its payment methods, you might even be among the lucky few to receive a welcome bonus. PayPal registration doesn’t require a lot of requirements and the whole process is pretty straightforward. By just ensuring your credit card is linked with PayPal, you are all set to go. Just make sure you give them credible information when registering so you don’t face problems later.


• It guarantees faster withdrawal

• It is more secure

• Easy to use

• It comes with a welcoming bonus upon registration


• Prone of amount limit on both holding and withdrawal • Higher transaction fees

2. EcoPayz E-Wallet

Are you aware that Ecopayz is another essential e-wallet for casino lovers in New Zealand? I thought you should know. Many casino experts are using this e-wallet for their regular online casino gaming practices. This electronic software features faster payments, safe withdrawals and even quick money transfer to couples of accounts. Ecopayz supports over 40 types of currencies from different parts of the world. So, you don’t have to worry about which part of the world you’ll be depositing or withdrawing the money from. This electronic software guarantees you international money transfer to enable you to withdraw, deposit and transfer your money with a lot of ease.


• International cash transfer

• Faster payments

• Safe withdrawals

• Good customer care services

• Low fees


• It is very slow

• Unexplained account closures

3. Neteller

If you are looking for the best an e-wallet that will guarantee you instant payouts, faster withdrawals and deposits with your gambling money, think of Neteller e-wallet. Globally, it is popular electronic software you will meet in every corner of the world. The software is reputable for having excellent customer care services to respond to any of your burning issues. Casino players have adequate access to both instant deposits and instant withdrawals using this method. Unlike other e-wallets in the casino gambling industry that require a complicated registration process, Neteller is straightforward. You only need to pick a Neteller card and transfer your money to start your gambling practices. Many people stand for this e-wallet because Neteller is an anti-fraud tool that will provide you with excellent security of your fund. Therefore, while looking out for the most secured e-wallet, don’t hesitate to use Neteller.


• It is an anti-fraud e-wallet

• Faster withdrawal services

• It provides safe and private transactions

• It is physical in a couple of countries

• Reliable customer care services support it


• It has high transaction fees

• Sometimes it is prone to delays

4. Paysafecard E-wallet

Paysafecard has all the excellent features to fit in as another best type of e-wallet for online casino players. While in use for more than 25 years, Paysafecard is reputable to provide safe money transactions, faster deposits and even quick withdrawals. While transacting with Paysafecard, you are sure of 100% protected from any of the industries’ frauds and scammers. The Paysafecard system allows you to handle a lot of transactions with the exclusion of any of your personal info and details. Moreover, with a maximum of 16-digit PIN, this is sure to provide you with excellent protection of your private info. Therefore, this is the best e-wallet you should always plan to use while playing online casino.


• 16 digits pin guarantee you 100% cash protection

• Easy to use

• Reliable customer care services

• Sensitive data response


• Prone of frauds

5. Skrill

Skrill E-wallet also finds itself at the top list of best e-wallets in the online casino. This is one of the strict e-wallets in the casino industry in New Zealand. It comes with unique features that suit a lot of casino gamblers. The software provides you with 100% security of your account. It comes with a row of other functionalities that enable you to provide ease of use. Also, Skrill 1-Tap allows you to initiate payments with just one click. This enables you to provide you with the hassle of authorization for all of your transactions. While you are using this e-wallet for your transactions, you should not worry of any withdrawal issues. It easily connects to your debit card, where you can easily withdraw your cash from your account any time as you wish. As long as you’re a verified user, you won’t have any problems withdrawing whichever amount you want from the account. Skrill e-wallet community features reliable customers care to respond. This provides you with any of your inquiries for any of your burning questions. Therefore, when you require casino gambling, this is the best gambling site you should consider.


• Faster transactions

• It guarantees good pricing

• Skrill provide secured transactions

• It is accessible


• Limited transactions for unverified accounts

Bottom Line

Are you an online casino lover and you are working tirelessly to take your gambling experience to the next level? Worry not; you need to equip yourself with some of the best digitals to provide you with faster transactions, reasonable pricing, secured accounts operations and a welcome bonus once you register. PayPal, Paysafecard, and EcoPayz E-Wallet are just a few types of e-wallet to guarantee you all of these. Find out the ones that will work for you and register to start depositing and withdrawing your hard-earned cash.