Why The Us Does Not Allow Betting With Bitcoin In Online Casinos

Why The Us Does Not Allow Betting With Bitcoin In Online Casinos

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Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. In some parts of the world, the word Bitcoin is synonymous to cryptocurrency, for the general public only knows that one cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrency on the rise, it would be logical to assume that with the privacy that cryptocurrency offers, gamlbing in Bitcoin would be the future, especially in places like Las Vegas. However, this is not exactly the case because the ‘Land of The Free’ apparently does not even let people have control over what they can do with their money.

Bitcoin has been used for online gambling for as long as the digital currency has been around. In the early days of gambling in bitcoin, people used to use well known gambling websites like SatoshiDice, Just Dice, Seals With Clubs etc. This was especially important because these websites had millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency bets and had a large number of players at the time as well. In fact, Eric Vorhees, CEO of SatoshiDice, sold the company for one hundred and twenty six thousand three hundred and fifteen bitcoins, which amounted to an approximate of eleven million US dollars at the time. However, the sad part is that even though there are a large number of bitcoin gambling sites today, most people in the United States cannot play as online casinos block US residents. So when a person is gambling from within the US, the gaming server and trace back the IP address back to the US.

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For example, when a United States resident or a mere visitor to the United States visits a bitcoin casino like Bitcoin Cash Games, they are greeted with a geo-blocking message saying they cannot play any of the games with real money. However, visitors can play with test tokens for fun on the Bitcoin Gaming Casino website. Cashgames.bitcoin.com explains that their servers can detect if a player is trying to play from the USA, even though they regret having to block US players just because a few people living in Washington D.C does not approve.

It is odd that a country that supposedly promotes all sorts of freedom does not allow its citizens to do what they want with their money online. There are currently 4 states in the US where online poker is allowed: Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Nevada; with Native American reservations as well. The main reason people cannot gamble online in the US is because of the legislation called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. George Bush was the president who brought about this legislation. It is sort of shady, because it does not prosecute individual Americans, but rather aims at foreign companies and offshore gambling operators who create such sites in the US.