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How to Use a Bitcoin Casino: Complete Guide

When it comes to online gambling, bitcoin casinos are becoming more and more popular. But what exactly is a bitcoin casino? A bitcoin casino is an online casino that uses the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. While there are many different types of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the most widely used and accepted form of payment at these casinos.

A bitcoin casino is an online casino that uses the cryptocurrency

Bitcoin casinos are a great way to gamble online anonymously. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet and you’re good to go. No personal information is required when using Bitcoin, so your identity remains confidential. That’s one of the many advantages of using Bitcoin over traditional currency.

Another big advantage is that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, so there’s no risk of fraud or chargebacks. This makes for a much safer gambling experience overall.

In addition to this, many sites that offer free Bitcoin casino games have no minimum deposit requirement, making them an easy and accessible way to gamble online.

There are also online Bitcoin sportsbooks. The advantages of these sportsbooks are that they have low fees and high payouts. Some sportsbooks now even accept deposits with Bitcoin. The way a Bitcoin casino works is similar to that of a regular online casino. You register an account, make a deposit and then start playing.

However, unlike a regular casino, none of your personal information is required when using Bitcoin. Instead, you use your Bitcoin wallet to receive funds and to bet on the games. You can even withdraw your winnings directly to your Bitcoin wallet.

While there are many different types of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the most widely used

Bitcoin casinos are a great way to gamble online without having to worry about traditional banking methods. While there are many different types of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the most widely used and accepted form of payment at these casinos.

This means that you can deposit and withdraw funds with ease, and also take advantage of bonuses and promotions that are offered in Bitcoins. The major cryptocurrencies have all experienced significant gains in value over the last year, with bitcoin and litecoin leading the way.

Most of these online establishments accept just one form of cryptocurrency, but some allow players to make deposits in a variety of cryptos. The most commonly accepted option is Bitcoin, which should not come as much surprise given the popularity and relative stability of the digital currency.

Bitcoin casinos offer a number of advantages

Bitcoin casinos offer a number of advantages to gamblers, including fast transactions, low fees, and anonymity. For example, Bitcoin casinos can process withdrawals almost instantaneously, which is a major advantage over traditional online casinos.

Fees are also much lower with Bitcoin casinos than with traditional online casinos. And finally, many Bitcoin casino websites offer anonymous accounts, allowing users to gamble without revealing their personal information.

Paymeseveralre made directly from your several wallets to the casino, without any third parties ever handling or accessing your funds. You don’t hao worry about fraudulent charges or credit card chargebacks. All payments are final.

The best way to use a Bitcoin casino deposit bonus is to be patient and wait until you have a nice-sized bankroll. At that point, you can make a larger deposit and get the maximum bonus you were after. You will also want to keep in mind that many of these bonuses are only awarded once per person or per household.

However, there are also some risks to be aware of before playing at a bitcoin casino.

Recently, Bitcoin casinos have become increasingly popular as a way to gamble online. While there are many benefits to using a Bitcoin casino, including anonymity and fast transactions, there are also some risks to be aware of before playing at one.

In particular, because Bitcoin casinos are not regulated by any central authority, play susceptible to fraud or theft. Additionally, the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency means that the value of your winnings could decrease significantly overnight.

Most other cryptocurrencies are worth less than Bitcoin, but there are a few exceptions, such as Ethereum and Litecoin. Ethereum is another popular cryptocurrency that has soared in value in recent years, so it’s definitely worth considering.


Bitcoin casinos are one of the most user-friendly gambling options because they can be accessed from any device, including smartphones and tablets. There has been a rise in the number of people looking for Bitcoin-friendly online casinos. These developments over the past few years have made it simpler than ever to find a Bitcoin casino, allowing you to play your favourite casino games regardless of your location.

The 4 Most Popular Games to Play at Bitcoin Casino

Online gamers are likely already familiar with Bitcoin casinos. In place of traditional currency like cash or chips, bitcoin casinos allow players to wager digital tokens known as bitcoins on various gambling and gaming options. Since bitcoins provide players with anonymity and a universally accepted digital currency, they have gained popularity in online betting casinos. The popularity of online casinos has skyrocketed, so it’s important to know which games offer the most excitement.


Blackjack is one of the most exciting and exciting casino games to play. The point of the game is for one or more players to try to outdo the dealer’s hand by having a better hand of cards. This means that rather than competing against one another, players are pitted against the dealer. The player whose hand value is greater than the dealers is declared the winner.

The Ace can be worth either 1 or 11, and the other cards in the deck all have a value of 10. Among the face cards, the queen, jack, and king are the most prestigious. The value of the sequence of cards from 2–10 is the sum of their values. For this reason, to beat the dealer’s hand, players must add up the value of their cards.

To start, the dealer gives each player two cards. Each player makes a wager on whether or not they think their hand is stronger than the dealers. As a result, if the dealer has a higher hand than any player, all bets on that hand will be considered losers. Players who have a hand totalling more than 21 automatically lose their wager.

In this case, a hand with a total card value of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without going over has a slight advantage over other hands. One of the dealer’s cards is dealt face up, while the other is dealt face down so that players can make their wagers before the cards are revealed.

There’s also card game poker, which is played extensively in gambling establishments. There can be as few as two and as many as ten players plus the dealer in a game of blackjack. The players compete against one another because the dealer does not take part in the game.

Players place wagers on who they think has the best hand based on the game’s established hierarchy of hand strengths. Knowing where your team stands relative to the rest of the league is a huge advantage in gameplay. All bets made by the other players are awarded to the player with the highest-ranking hand.


In poker, each player receives one card at a time, and after each round of betting, players make bets based on the perceived value of their hand. The game consists of at least four betting rounds. So, if a player thinks they have better cards than the current one, they can raise the bet by the same amount or more.

When one player places a bet, the other players must either match it or raise it. A player can “fold” if they are dealt cards that they do not consider to be good enough to win the pot. When a player folds, they throw away the cards they have been dealt and give up any claim they might have had to the current betting pot.

Therefore, regardless of the value of one’s cards, the winner can be the player who remains in the hand after all others have folded. Players can pretend to have better cards than their opponents to force them to fold. The pot is awarded to the highest bidder. Because nobody knows what cards their opponents are holding, poker games are exciting and full of suspense.

Slot Machine

Players of slots, a game of chance, attempt to win money by matching three or more symbols on the slot machine’s reels. Since slot machines are easier to play than other casino staples like blackjack and poker, they consistently pull in the most wagers. While the rules of the game are easy to understand, actually coming out on top may be a different story. Since the outcomes of spins on slot machines have nothing to do with the player’s skill level, there is no way to increase one’s odds of winning. As a result, slot machines in bitcoin casinos should be your game of choice if you consider yourself to be a lucky person or are experiencing a particularly lucky day.

Players can better their odds of winning by paying attention to the Return to Player rate and other game characteristics of the slot machines they play. The game is always played in the same way—matching symbols—but the slot machine is always different. All of the slot machines have unique graphics, sounds, and RTP percentages. As was previously mentioned, slots are a game of chance, so players should select slot machines that offer the best odds.

If you’re going to play slots at a bitcoin casino, it’s a good idea to research the return to player percentages of each machine beforehand.


Yet another well-liked and easy casino game is roulette. A small ball and a spinning wheel make up the game’s components. To play, players spin a wheel and wager on where they think a small ball will land when the wheel stops. Players have more betting options in roulette than in most other online casino games.

Bets can be placed on a single number, a cluster of numbers, black or red, a high or low total, or a combination of these. When the ball lands in one of the 37 openings, the winners receive their payouts. But different bets have different payouts based on their relative likelihood of success. For instance, the odds of winning a bet on a single number are higher than those of betting on either black or red.

Roulette is all about finding the right equilibrium between chance and payout. The payout for lower-probability choices is higher, but they are also nearly impossible to predict.


Bitcoin casinos, like any online casino, can be a lot of fun, and they offer the chance or skill-based winnings that make them appealing. However, gambling can become addictive and lead to significant financial losses, so it’s important to know when to cut your losses and try again another day.


What You Need To Know About Bitcoin Casinos

As casino games become more and more popular, so too do the methods of payment for these games. One of the newest and most popular ways to pay for casino games is with Bitcoin. Bitcoin casinos are on the rise as a result of their popularity, and there are many reasons why this new gambling trend is taking over. First, Bitcoin casinos offer a level of anonymity that traditional banks cannot match. This is appealing to many people who want to keep their gambling activities private.

When did Bitcoin casinos start getting popular?

Bitcoin casinos were first opened in late 2012, which means that the first Bitcoin casinos were not around for very long. However, the casinos that were present at the time did manage to make a name for themselves. Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus codes were especially popular with the casinos that accepted Bitcoin to attract new players. However, many people did not know what Bitcoin was or how it worked, which meant that early Bitcoin casinos had difficulty finding an audience.

What makes Bitcoin casinos different from other online casinos?

Bitcoin casinos and “conventional” online casinos share a lot of similarities, but there are also some key differences between the two types of gambling sites. The first significant distinction between them is the monetary unit used in their games. The primary wagering option in Bitcoin casinos is Bitcoin, whereas the primary wagering option at traditional online casinos is cash or another fiat currency. Bitcoin is a widely used currency for several reasons, one of which is that it is decentralised and does not rely on any banks or other financial organisations for the processing of Bitcoin transactions.

Forget Inflation

How accessible are Bitcoin casinos?

One of the most convenient things about Bitcoin casinos is that they are not only accessible through desktop computers, but also mobile devices and online casinos. Although Bitcoin casinos are not as popular as other online casinos, they are quickly gaining ground. Not only that, but online casinos that accept Bitcoin are also becoming increasingly popular. As a result of these factors, Bitcoin casinos have become easier and easier to access in the past few years, which means that you can play your favourite casino games wherever you are.

What are the minimum deposit amounts for Bitcoin casinos?

The minimum deposit amount for Bitcoin casinos varies depending on the casino. Some casinos have a minimum deposit of 0.001 Bitcoin, while others have a minimum deposit of 0.01 Bitcoin. The best way to find out the minimum deposit amount for a particular casino is to visit their website or contact customer support.

What games can you find on Bitcoin casinos?

As Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular, there are many more Bitcoin casino games to choose from. Some of the most popular Bitcoin casino games include scratch cards, free spins, slots, live dealer casino games, and progressive jackpot games. Some Bitcoin casinos have developed unique games that you can’t find anywhere else.

Many Bitcoin casinos let you play table games and video poker.

Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits. These include:

Provides anonymity: Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is not tied to any banks or countries, which means that it is not connected to your bank account. Instead, Bitcoin wallets contain a series of numbers and letters that are used to deposit funds and make withdrawals. This makes it impossible to link your wallet to your identity, allowing you to gamble with anonymity.

International availability: It is no longer necessary for you to travel to Las Vegas or any other local casinos to play your preferred games. With the help of online casinos, you’ll be able to play all of your favourite games whenever and wherever you like.

Online casinos offer bonuses: Deposit bonuses and other incentives are extremely common in online gambling, as these are great ways for casinos to attract new players. This makes it easier for you to win more prizes with less money.

Protection from fraud: Because online casinos are subject to a great deal of regulation and must follow a stringent set of guidelines, the likelihood of you becoming a victim of fraud at one of these establishments is significantly reduced. Because of this, the safety of your money is maintained, and con artists are unable to steal it from you.


The Best Bitcoin Casinos for an Unforgettable Gambling Experience in 2022

Are you looking for the best bitcoin casinos to gamble at in 2022? Then look no further! In this blog post, we will give you an overview of the top 5 bitcoin casinos that offer an unforgettable gambling experience. These casinos have everything from huge welcome bonuses to extensive game libraries. 

Bitcoin casinos are becoming more and more popular as cryptocurrency continues to gain mainstream adoption. While there are many different bitcoin casinos out there, not all of them offer the same experience. Here are the top 5 bitcoin casinos that you should check out for an unforgettable gambling experience in 2022: 

1) BitStarz Casino – With over 2,000 slots and table games from leading software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Evolution Gaming, BitStarz Casino is one of the most popular Bitcoin casinos on the web. 

With a wide array of games and superior casino features, including numerous banking options, BitStarz Casino is set to be the top Bitcoin casino in 2022. 

2) – Test out the latest slots and casino games from the comfort of your home by visiting With a wide array of over 500 slot machines and table games to choose from, provides you with an unforgettable gambling experience. With a user-friendly interface and superior customer support, is the #1 choice for casino players in 2022. 

3) Fortune Jack Casino – FortuneJack is a Bitcoin casino that focuses on Chinese NetEnt games, but they do offer some other games as well. With a sleek design and a smooth interface, Fortune Jack Casino is set to be one of the top Bitcoin casinos in 2022. 

4) Guts Casino – Guts Casino, a Bitcoin casino and sportsbook, offers all the online casino classics such as slots, table games, progressive jackpots, and instant-win games. With over 200 games from Microgaming and NetEnt, Guts Casino is a popular choice for Bitcoin casino players. 

5) Spinia Casino – With over 50 games to choose from, Spinia Casino is the ideal place for Bitcoin casino players. Offering dice and lottery games, Spinia Casino brings a variety of games to the table. 

6) – The #1 sports betting portal and online casino in the Bitcoin gambling industry, has made a huge splash since its launch in 2016. Providing a variety of provably fair casino games and sports betting opportunities, the website is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Why should be playing on Bitcoin casinos 

Huge welcome bonuses 

Huge welcome bonuses are what you can expect to find at the best Bitcoin casinos in 2022. With so many options now available to casino players, it can be hard to know where to start. But if you’re looking for big bonuses and plenty of fun, then these are the casinos you should check out. From well-established favourites like BitCasino and mBit Casino, to newer sites like PlayAmo and FortuneJack, there’s something for everyone at these top BTC casinos. So what are you waiting for? Start your gambling adventure today!

Extensive game libraries 

If you’re looking for the best Bitcoin casinos in 2022, you’ll want to check out their extensive game libraries. With so many different games to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re a fan of slots or table games, there’s something for everyone at these top-rated online casinos. Plus, with the added bonus of cryptocurrency support, you can be sure that your transactions are always secure. So what are you waiting for? Start playing today and witness the exciting world of online gambling!

VIP programs with exclusive perks and rewards 

Bitcoin casinos are constantly popping up, and it can be hard to keep track of which ones are the best. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best Bitcoin casinos for 2022. These casinos all offer VIP programs with exclusive perks and rewards, so you can get the most out of your gambling experience.

Dedicated customer support available around the clock 

The best bitcoin casinos will always have customer support available to help with any issues that may arise. This is especially important for those who are new to using bitcoins for online gambling. By having someone to turn to for help, you can be sure that you will be able to get the most out of your experience.


Casinos that use Bitcoin

New Online Casinos Using Bitcoin as Payment

As far as online gaming is concerned, Bitcoin is a huge asset, but there are few tools to help you learn how to get started and start playing with Bitcoin right now. Bitcoin can be a complicated subject, but don’t worry; we will explain everything you need to know in detail before taking the complete procedure from start to finish.
The overall process for depositing into your preferred casino games or sportsbook is divided into the following simple steps;

Step 1:Open a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Buying and trading Bitcoins can be done through an online wallet. Software wallets are a subset of Bitcoin wallets, but for this article, only hosted wallets will be discussed. You can store your Bitcoins in a third-party hosted wallet, just like you would in a bank account. As a perfect illustration, we could imagine keeping our funds in a container in our room and using it as a software wallet. It would be like a virtual wallet if we stored all of our funds with a trusted bank. This means that we are outsourcing the protection and safekeeping of our money to a third-party firm (in Bitcoin forms).

Step 2: Fund Your Bitcoin Wallet with Real Money

Following the setup of your account, the next process is to deposit funds and buy Bitcoin. Keep in mind that the value of Bitcoin, like any other currency, is subject to change, so you should always check the current exchange rate before making a purchase. Keep in mind that this will always fluctuate slightly in both directions.
You can use a debit card to fund your Bitcoin account, or you can link your bank account directly to your Digital wallet. You can use any of these approaches, so pick the one that appeals to you the most. The ability to deposit using a variety of payment methods may be available from some Bitcoin wallets.

Step 3: Transfer Your Bitcoins Into a Casino or Sportsbook

To begin playing at an online casino or sportsbook, you must first fund your Bitcoin wallet with the funds you intend to use. You only need to go to the casino or sportsbook’s deposit page and select the Bitcoin option to make a Bitcoin deposit. Just follow the instructions they provide you, and you’re done! When a transaction is approved, you should be able to access your funds and begin playing or betting within a few minutes.

You may want to try one of these sites if you haven’t already found the one you like. All of the sites on our list have simple and uncomplicated options for making deposits and withdrawals.

Using a Bitcoin wallet is likely to be quite similar to using a PayPal account. You can fund your wallet using your bank account or a credit/debit card, and then use that wallet in the same way that you would use PayPal to purchase things or deposits at an online gambling site. The main difference is that you’ll be able to use Bitcoins to complete your transactions once you’ve loaded the money into your wallet.

We hope that this guide will make things easier for individuals who already know they need to use Bitcoin, so we will begin with the basics of how to get started and then include any additional information we believe you should know to become a better-informed consumer.

Bitcoin is now accepted by online casinos, which is wonderful news for gamblers. It means that international borders will no longer be a barrier to the flow of money. In addition, your chances of winning a jackpot may be improved as a result of this change. In addition, Bitcoin opens the door to a plethora of new player benefits and promotions.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of the many benefits of using Bitcoin for online gaming


In part, the popularity of Bitcoin is due to its accessibility and ease of usage. When comparing Bitcoin to other kinds of payment, you’ll find that they aren’t as widely available. E-wallet payments, such as PayPal, are now only available in particular regions and countries. To make payments in countries where PayPal isn’t accepted, you’ll have a smaller range of choices. It’s not the same for someone who doesn’t live in an area where it’s readily accessible. As a result of this accessibility, crypto sports betting gets a lot easier.


Use Bitcoin when playing inside an online casino to avoid the chance of your account being hacked and your funds being stolen. Personal financial data is captured on the systems of third parties when you’re using a debit card or making a payment through PayPal. Because of this, if a hacker gained entry to the server, they’d have complete control over your data. Bitcoin, on the other hand, does not save any of your personal information. It’s important to protect your privacy.

Transactions that Happen on Time

It’s simple to make casino deposits once you’ve set things up in the Bitcoin wallet and filled that from your financial institution or other sources. When making transactions from a Digital wallet to a receiver, there are no delays. After disbursement, most transactions require confirmation within ten minutes. A quick transfer into your online casino in case of an emergency will be possible because of this. Because of this, you don’t have to queue for days to place a bet. This is in contrast to e-wallet choices, which might take four or five working days to transfer funds. ”

Fees will be reduced

Since Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, banks and other financial institutions aren’t involved. In other words, there are no extra charges for transactions because there are no third parties. In terms of withdrawals, this is critical. If you wish to cash out your wins from an online casino, you’ll be charged a fee by most of them. Using cryptocurrency as a form of payment, on the other hand, ensures that you’ll avoid this problem. There are, however, additional fees imposed by some bitcoin casinos. Customer service is a good place to start.

Favourable rate of exchange

You can save money by using Bitcoin to make deposits and withdrawals if you live in a nation that isn’t the core market for the online casino. This is because you don’t need a bank or a third-party facilitator to conduct Bitcoin transactions. Because there is no centralized body defining how much you should spend for foreign currency transactions, you can get better exchange rates. To put it another way, the rates you pay are exactly proportional to the value of the transaction. Because of this, the cost of using Bitcoin is lower than the cost of using fiat money.


The freedom that comes with utilizing Bitcoin is one of its most appealing features. Those who have had previous experience with Bitcoin are aware that there have been no regional limitations. In particular, when it pertains to transferring Bitcoins across locations. When playing online casino games using Bitcoin, the same rules apply. If online gambling is illegal in your nation or state, you can’t play. In the case that you are unable to play because of a certain restriction, Bitcoin will allow you to do so.

Bitcoin gambling at your favourite online casinos is now possible. The more individuals get involved in this new cryptocurrency, the more advantages it has to offer. When people were worried about what would happen to their online casino accounts if they died, I was there. In a few years, you may be able to send money or receive money via Bitcoin as a medium of exchange. This ensures that your winnings are completely safe, so you can savour them without any worries. As a result, you can begin your bitcoin gambling experience at your favourite casinos right now.

Some Great Casinos that accept Bitcoin

Technology keeps on advancing, and the gaming industry in New Zealand has gone through many changes over the years. The changes are not yet complete as many of the Casino industries are coming up with some of the great casinos that accept Bitcoin. While using this cryptocurrency, the entire casino enthusiasts are advantageous about their banking process, welcoming bonuses, free-spinning and ease of playing. While there are thousands of online casinos in New Zealand, not all of these online casinos accept Bitcoin. That said, read through the article below as it features some of the great online casinos that accept Bitcoin.

1. Dream Vegas Casino

This is one of the great casinos in that accept Bitcoin. In the earlier decades, many gamblers in New Zealand find gambling at a casino waste of both time and resources because their gambling sites did not even accept Bitcoin. However, with the gambling industry’s advancement, many online casinos are switching to this casino. They are finding gambling very enjoyable just because their casino gambling sites are known to accept bitcoin. Thanks to the online casino industry many casino enthusiasts in New Zealand can now guarantee lower transaction fees, International Transactions Easier than Regular Currencies, a free welcome bonus, etc. While playing at Dream Vegas online casino, you’ll also experience, faster withdrawals, and deposits among other faster and more reliable banking services.

2. Hello Online Casino

Are you looking for a grand casino in New Zealand that accepts Bitcoin? If yen then looks no further, Hello online casino is to take your gambling to the next level. It has become the grand casino that accepts bitcoin over the years, and almost 100% of casino lovers in New Zealand know about this. Many folks are switching from ancient brick and motor online casinos to this Hello casino due to a couple of reasons. The gambling site aims to create a unique casino experience for its customers. While playing at this fantastic site, you are likely to be awarded a valuable welcome bonus. Just to add, the site guarantees fairness in all services provided. Moreover, your account’s security is not an issue to gamble with; Hello casino is registered with reliable gambling authorities and hence permitted to offer its gambling services at no cost. Faster withdrawal is not a big deal here. The site always ensures you a faster withdrawal, deposit and banking transaction. Therefore, if you need to play an online casino in New Zealand, this is the best platform for you.

3. Royal Panda Casino

Royal Panda Casino is another fantastic casino that accepts bitcoin. This site is said to rise from simple online casino providers trying t bring up excellent gaming sites to people. It also comes with a long list of interesting features all geared toward ensuring casino players have the best experience. It is reputable for accepting bitcoin which is now one of the best transaction methods that players are looking for. It comes with both a welcome bonus and more than 10 free spins. These two features don’t just come from nowhere. They are only meant for the newly registered individual. Moreover, many people stand for this gambling site because it features faster withdrawal and faster deposits, and it is trusted and secured from any fraud and scammers. As you’re searching for one of the best casinos that accept Bitcoin, don’t hesitate to consider Royal Panda Online Casino.

4. Mobilebet Casino

Days back, many online casino lovers had no idea that they can register on a gambling site that accepts bitcoin. But thanks to the improvement that gambling technology has brought along by introducing Mobilebet casino as another great casino that accepts bitcoin. Due to these, we now understand that nothing is impossible under the sun. Mobilebet casino comes with a 100% welcome bonus upon registration. Also, upon registration, you are issued with a lot of free bets to try your luck. The site was initially licensed by the New Zealand gambling authorities. This provides you assurance of the value of your cash. It features faster withdrawals, and many casino enthusiasts in New Zealand stop at this casino site. Unlike many gambling sites in New Zealand that entail delayed registrations, with Mobilebet casino, things are different. It features quick and easy registration that you can even do in the comfort of your house without seeking assistance. Besides, as a great casino site, it also features quick-serving customer care services responsible for your inquiries. This is the excellent casino you should opt for.

5. Jackpot Village Casino

If you haven’t experienced a jackpot village casino, then you are missing a lot. It is an excellent casino that accepts bitcoin to gamble at in New Zealand. Not only this, but this gambling site also features a couple of unique features that will take your gambling practices to the next level. A 200% welcome bonus is not that common to many of the gambling sites in New Zealand, but while playing at jackpot village casino, it doesn’t only provide you with a 200% welcome bonus but also 50 plus free spin upon registration. Again, this gambling site features wide game selections from over 60 game providers including Netent and Microgaming. With many detailed user guides from other betting sites, Jackpot Village casino here features ease of use. You can easily play, withdraw, and even deposit. Therefore, while looking for a great casino that accepts bitcoins in New Zealand, jackpot village should be your top priority.

Bottom Line

The casino gaming industry in New Zealand is getting better as the world continues to evolve. Many casino enthusiasts are always looking forward to new things. With the introduction of the casino that accepts Bitcoin, it is no doubt the industry is heading in the right direction. However, every day is a modern-day technology advancement introduced to bring fun to the casino gambling sector. While many great casinos accept bitcoin, these are just a few great casinos reputable to play with if you intend to get your wins in the form of Bitcoin.

Pros and Cons of Different E-Wallets

E-Wallet also referred to as a digital wallet, is an electronic device or a software program that eases online transactions. E-wallets have become a common transaction method to various casino players in New Zealand thanks to many advantages that the methods bring. But many gamers are still burning the midnight oil searching for the best ways to improve their transaction not knowing the right method to use. Well, e-wallets are providing the option we’ve all been waiting for. But before you jump straight into it, you must know that not all these transaction methods will work for you. That’s why we have a well-detailed review of the best e-wallets together with their pros and cons to help you choose the best. Read through to the end to make a good choice for your gambling transactions and other needs.

1. PayPal E-Wallet

PayPal is one of the famous electronic devices in New Zealand. Earlier days, many casino gamers find it difficult to secure the payments, delay payments and slow signing to your account. But PayPal came just in time to solve the problem. PayPal e-wallet guarantees you faster payments, faster withdrawal and deposits. If you sign in to a casino that uses Paypal for its payment methods, you might even be among the lucky few to receive a welcome bonus. PayPal registration doesn’t require a lot of requirements and the whole process is pretty straightforward. By just ensuring your credit card is linked with PayPal, you are all set to go. Just make sure you give them credible information when registering so you don’t face problems later.


• It guarantees faster withdrawal

• It is more secure

• Easy to use

• It comes with a welcoming bonus upon registration


• Prone of amount limit on both holding and withdrawal • Higher transaction fees

2. EcoPayz E-Wallet

Are you aware that Ecopayz is another essential e-wallet for casino lovers in New Zealand? I thought you should know. Many casino experts are using this e-wallet for their regular online casino gaming practices. This electronic software features faster payments, safe withdrawals and even quick money transfer to couples of accounts. Ecopayz supports over 40 types of currencies from different parts of the world. So, you don’t have to worry about which part of the world you’ll be depositing or withdrawing the money from. This electronic software guarantees you international money transfer to enable you to withdraw, deposit and transfer your money with a lot of ease.


• International cash transfer

• Faster payments

• Safe withdrawals

• Good customer care services

• Low fees


• It is very slow

• Unexplained account closures

3. Neteller

If you are looking for the best an e-wallet that will guarantee you instant payouts, faster withdrawals and deposits with your gambling money, think of Neteller e-wallet. Globally, it is popular electronic software you will meet in every corner of the world. The software is reputable for having excellent customer care services to respond to any of your burning issues. Casino players have adequate access to both instant deposits and instant withdrawals using this method. Unlike other e-wallets in the casino gambling industry that require a complicated registration process, Neteller is straightforward. You only need to pick a Neteller card and transfer your money to start your gambling practices. Many people stand for this e-wallet because Neteller is an anti-fraud tool that will provide you with excellent security of your fund. Therefore, while looking out for the most secured e-wallet, don’t hesitate to use Neteller.


• It is an anti-fraud e-wallet

• Faster withdrawal services

• It provides safe and private transactions

• It is physical in a couple of countries

• Reliable customer care services support it


• It has high transaction fees

• Sometimes it is prone to delays

4. Paysafecard E-wallet

Paysafecard has all the excellent features to fit in as another best type of e-wallet for online casino players. While in use for more than 25 years, Paysafecard is reputable to provide safe money transactions, faster deposits and even quick withdrawals. While transacting with Paysafecard, you are sure of 100% protected from any of the industries’ frauds and scammers. The Paysafecard system allows you to handle a lot of transactions with the exclusion of any of your personal info and details. Moreover, with a maximum of 16-digit PIN, this is sure to provide you with excellent protection of your private info. Therefore, this is the best e-wallet you should always plan to use while playing online casino.


• 16 digits pin guarantee you 100% cash protection

• Easy to use

• Reliable customer care services

• Sensitive data response


• Prone of frauds

5. Skrill

Skrill E-wallet also finds itself at the top list of best e-wallets in the online casino. This is one of the strict e-wallets in the casino industry in New Zealand. It comes with unique features that suit a lot of casino gamblers. The software provides you with 100% security of your account. It comes with a row of other functionalities that enable you to provide ease of use. Also, Skrill 1-Tap allows you to initiate payments with just one click. This enables you to provide you with the hassle of authorization for all of your transactions. While you are using this e-wallet for your transactions, you should not worry of any withdrawal issues. It easily connects to your debit card, where you can easily withdraw your cash from your account any time as you wish. As long as you’re a verified user, you won’t have any problems withdrawing whichever amount you want from the account. Skrill e-wallet community features reliable customers care to respond. This provides you with any of your inquiries for any of your burning questions. Therefore, when you require casino gambling, this is the best gambling site you should consider.


• Faster transactions

• It guarantees good pricing

• Skrill provide secured transactions

• It is accessible


• Limited transactions for unverified accounts

Bottom Line

Are you an online casino lover and you are working tirelessly to take your gambling experience to the next level? Worry not; you need to equip yourself with some of the best digitals to provide you with faster transactions, reasonable pricing, secured accounts operations and a welcome bonus once you register. PayPal, Paysafecard, and EcoPayz E-Wallet are just a few types of e-wallet to guarantee you all of these. Find out the ones that will work for you and register to start depositing and withdrawing your hard-earned cash.

Bitcoin Casinos

Advantages Of Bitcoin Casinos Over Traditional Casinos

Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency that is extremely anonymous. It is impossible to trace the amount back to the payer of the amount because of the technology that bitcoin uses; called blockchain technology. A large number of people are still skeptical about this revolutionary cryptocurrency. They do not realise that the founder of Bitcoin is still anonymous to date, and goes by the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakomoto’. Here are some of the advantages of using bitcoin for gambling.

Bitcoin Casinos Over Traditional Casinos


Traditional casinos are usually sneaky when it comes to their house edge. They almost never give information regarding the house edge to the gamblers. It does not end there though. Traditional casinos are also infamous for using certain tricks to get an upper edge on the gamblers. In bitcoin casinos, gamblers do not have to fear the house, because the house edge of all the games that are available in the bitcoin casino is provided to the gamblers. This level of transparency ensures a mutually positive business relationship, thus eliminating almost all types of scams.


Traditional casinos usually require their customers to provide them with private and personal information, especially credit and debit card details. Providing such confidential information to these platforms can be a risky endeavour. This is further accentuated by the dreary process of filling the forms required to give those details. Bitcoin casinos eliminate this impediment guaranteeing the gambler’s safety. In most cases, all gamblers have to do at a bitcoin casino is to deposit funds at a specified location and start gambling, just like that. They also do not ask for a lot of private personal information and this ensures that bitcoin casinos are much simpler and safer to play on.



In traditional casinos, gamblers need to deal with transactions and deposit fees. They also have to bear with a myriad of taxes and duties, reducing their winning amount quite drastically. However, in bitcoin casinos, the transaction fees are either zero or very low; absolving any kind of such fees. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is not regulated by any third party or bank, hence making transactions much cheaper. Gamblers get to enjoy low withdrawal fees and deposit costs, thus making bitcoin casinos much more preferable over traditional casinos.


It is convenient to use bitcoin because it is a global currency and can be used from all corners of the world. This is an added advantage because a lot of countries restrict gambling entirely and the citizens do not have any other means of reliable gambling casinos. Gamblers using Bitcoin casinos can evade the possibility of joining illegal expensive sites. Clients receive full access to their earnings and they can withdraw the amount whenever they please.


How Bitcoin Casinos Work

Cryptocurrencies are very popular nowadays, with new cryptocurrencies gaining popularity with every passing year. With the popularity of bitcoin as an international decentralized alternative currency is gaining ground, a new online arena for gambliing, gaming and lotteries has emerged through something called bitcoin casinos.

What Are Bitcoin Casinos

For people who are new to cryptocurrency, bitcoin is the most popular digital currency based on blockchain technology. There are online casinos that operate only on bitcoin currency. However in most cases, bitcoin is used as an additional means of transaction. There are increasingly many online casinos that are accommodating seamless bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin casinos are operating all over the globe, although they are subject to the local laws. Gamblers can bet their bitcoin money on casino games, gambling games, sports betting, online lotteries and spread betting. Bitcoin casinos are quite popular in the United States of America, even though they are considered illegal. The anonymity that bitcoin casinos offer is the most attractive quality of this business. Even though bitcoin casinos remain an ethical gray area, bitcoin casinos are speculated to have a large impact on the bitcoin market. Data on this is, however, quite limited. Some of the most popular bitcoin casinos around the world are SatoshiDice, Bitzino, Satoshibet, StrikeSapphire, BCLC, among others.

How Bitcoin Casinos Operate

How Bitcoin Casinos Operate

The heart of any online gambling or gaming business is software, and the same goes for bitcoin casinos. Most of the bitcoin casinos that currently operate successfully run their own gaming software, developed on their own. Other smaller bitcoin casinos may use purchased or rented versions, which may be customised by adding their own unique features to the game. The software is usually bug proof and therefore conducts and runs the game quite seamlessly without human intervention. Bitcoin casinos, due to the digital nature of the business, face the challenge of convincing the users about the fairness of their operation. Some casinos try to build trust by openly disclosing how their casinos work, while some other casinos rely on peer to peer references or the uniqueness of the games they offer.

Why Are Bitcoin Casinos Gaining Popularity

The biggest advantage of bitcoin casinos is the anonymity that bitcoin as a cryptocurrency offers. It is so secure that no one has even found the person under the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ who is supposed to have invented the legendary cryptocurrency. Bitcoin casinos do not offer transaction fees and do not limit the daily number of transactions. Since gaming online is generally not controlled by any government authority, and there is hardly any regulation in most countries regarding cryptocurrency, casino gambling with bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular.

Beginners Guide to Using Bitcoin for Gambling

The first part of this blog is dedicated to creating an online bitcoin account for your gambling needs. The second section is dedicated to tips and tricks to remember when using your online bitcoin account.

Creating An Online Bitcoin Account

1) The first thing you need to do is create an online coin account. You will need our name and email address to start. You will also need a password that you can remember, but hard for others to get to. Some words of wisdom: Please do not use the same password that you use on other sites. Once someone has access to just one password code, they can get into everything (especially if you are someone who uses the same passcode all the time). We say this especially because bitcoin accounts are very vulnerable to hacks. Not to say that your account is not going to have some good security (because it will). However, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. Choose something that has upper and lower letters, numbers, and symbols. Coinbase will send you notification email that everything is okay once your account is settled. You can log in and start.

2) You are going to have a two-factor identification process once you sign up. Coinbase does this for everyone. All this does is add an extra layer of protection to your account. Coinbase will also let you add a friend or family member as a backup (in case of emergencies). Hackers have a much harder time getting in because they have to know your account passwords, codes, and identification. Those who do not wish to add someone else will have to go through the reset process if their phone is lost. Having a backup number just makes the process faster. It adds another way to identify you, in the event your phone does become lost.

3) You have to add some kind of regular currency to buy bitcoins. That means you will have to provide your banking information. You could also provide your debit card, but it has to be linked to your bank. The addition of the banking information makes everything go faster. Plus, it also adds more security. That is not to say that you cannot get your bitcoin deposited without your banking information (because you can). It might take longer though. Some people have had to wait a few days or more for the money to be there. Those who opt for another payment and deposit method can scroll down the menu and click the one you want.

4) The final part of this section involves buying bitcoins. Any bitcoin will come to your e-wallet right away, but only if you have the “instant buy” checked. You do have to purchase a minimum of 15 cents and that comes with a 1% fee. Word of warning: Those who choose the bank account for their instant buys cannot do that. Instant buys can only be done with a credit or debit card(although your credit or debit card might be attached to your bank). That means you are out of luck if you choose to use your routing number for the instant buys.

Some Tips and Tricks Concerning Your Bitcoin Account Use

We asked some of the experts, and the following tips are their replies.

1) You have to understand how it works. This is not like your other currencies. Some people only use the bitcoin option for online gambling. It is to those our experts speak to specifically. This money is not tangible. It cannot be seen by the eye. It works as algorithms. That means you have to be skilled with math if you use it regularly. Bitcoin uses blockchain to keep everything safe and secure. Nothing can penetrate the blockchain. All the blocks fall if just one is being tampered with. They do that as a security measure.

2) Bitcoin is one of the more volatile and extreme online cryptocurrencies. All transactions are final. That is why you need to know and understand the way it works. Someone could get into your wallet. You are going to be very hard-pressed to see that money again(which means, you probably will not). The other issue you have to be aware of is the regulation. It is not regulated like other currencies are(which means, there is not much happening there). There is no reversal either. Once your investment has been added to the chain, there is no way of reversing it. That is why most experts argue you should be very clear on how and what you want to invest in.

3) Online exchange wallets are one of the more popular options to pick from, but they are also the least secure. Those who are worried about their privacy might want to pick something else.

4) You can also choose a third-party e-wallet. The only issue with that is it is third-party. That means that if something happens, you probably are not going to get anywhere. The other downside is all your information is one that site. What if someone hacks the site? They have access to everything. It does not matter how much you complain, the third-party site is not going to do anything.

5) The one option that works best (according to most online gamblers and experts) is the hard wallet. This wallet will connect via your USB drive. It is not nearly as convenient as other options. Once again, this wallet is (by far) the winner. You can feel safe and secure with your money and information. The one thing you might have to sacrifice is speed, but that might not be much of a sacrifice for people.

Deposits and Withdrawals

1) Everything has to be done using your Bitcoin wallet.

2) You can use your bank and credit card for the deposits. Any withdrawals will come to you via the Bitcoin wallet. There are pros and cons to each. The decisions are yours.

One Final Word Since Bitcoin is so volatile and aggressive, you need to understand the bets, wins, and losses before you begin(as well as the money amounts). This is one step that other sites do not utilize that you will find with Bitcoin. Always use credible Bitcoin sites if you choose this route. That will increase the safety and security of your money and information.

Gambling Industry

How Cryptocurrency Revolutionized The Gambling Industry

Cryptocurrency refers to a long list of currencies that are purely digital in nature and have no physical commodity representing it in the real world whatsoever. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies circulating in the market today, but the most popular one is Bitcoin. There are several others like Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin that are being used, but their value is much lower than what Bitcoin enjoys in the market today.

History Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was not the first digital currency that came into the market, but it was the first decentralised one. A decentralised currency meant that it was not regulated by any third party agency and therefore gave complete and utter privacy and anonymity to the people who use them. The first Bitcoin transaction was an indirect one to buy a Papa Jones pizza for about 10,000 bitcoins. Seven to eight years after the first Bitcoin was mined, the price of bitcoin skyrocketed and today it stands at a market value of seventeen thousand US dollars.

History Of Bitcoin

Difficulty of Incorporating Cryptocurrency in the Gambling Industry

Setting up a casino is quite easy today, thanks to the years of hard work people put into making it easy. It simply revolves around getting a set of licenses. The casino owner would have to get a gaming license from a certified gaming authority like the Malta Gaming Authority, license to use gaming tech like Playtech, Microgaming etc. and a third party payment service to facilitate payments and transactions. Getting these licenses ensures that you get to own a casino; it is as simple as that. However, this would all change if cryptocurrency became mainstream. This is why casino owners are reluctant to make a complete change to cryptocurrency. The casino owners who do have to start over from scratch because the market is much less cryptocurrency friendly.

The Change

After a lot of years of going through a dry spell, the big break came when Bitcoin prices skyrocketed due to increase in demand. Since this transition was so fast, it hit the headlines and now everyone wanted a piece of the action. This meant that a lot more people came to know about cryptocurrency and more people wanted their transactions to be secure, devoid of any third party interference. The gambling industry was the one that profited most from this sudden surge in demand.


Cryptocurrency transaction speeds are off the charts. Since decentralised cryptocurrency does not require bank authorization the speed of transaction is much faster than any other form of payment. Cryptocurrency rates do not change with the country, and therefore have a global appeal to them as well. Cryptocurrency also offers a level of anonymity like no other in the world.

Advantages of using Bitcoin for Casinos

There are lots of incentives for you to use Bitcoin as a form of currency on the Internet. In this piece, it will be presented as the advantages of using it as a form of currency for casinos. As we all see, the Internet is a wonderful place to perform commercial transactions. However, the Internet is also a place where there are some very high-risk online casino transactions going on. These transactions are usually done by people who want to earn fast cash, and they want to do it from their own homes. Many people that take part in online gambling are considering the benefits of using the currency of Bitcoin.

The wonderful idea about using this type of currency is the fact that it has a secure network. When it comes to transactions, the payment systems are protected by encryption. This can help to ensure that people do not get cheated and do not have their account hacked.

There is a conundrum with this approach, however. When there is a significant crash in the financial system, there will be a big crash in the value of the currency. This can cause problems for both users and casinos.

The biggest problem with this is that when the currency becomes unstable, the casino’s transactions may be affected. This means that the value of the transaction can fluctuate up and down. However, with more users involved, the value of the currency will become stable.

Because of this, some users will be willing to spend copious amounts of money to access these currencies. This is known as speculation. This is when people can get into a gambling market using speculation.

However, if there are a considerable number of users, they can make a lot of money. However, if there are only one or two people, then they may not get vibrant.

One of the benefits of this form of currency is that it can be used anywhere in the world. This means that it will not affect anyone that is using this form of currency. This can be especially helpful for the people that are based in places that are outside of the United States.

However, one of the main drawbacks to using this form of currency is that the price can change quickly. If a currency gets too high, then it can cost a lot of money. To offset this problem, people need to be aware of the fluctuations in the currency. This can help them gain the advantage of being able to get into this kind of gambling without being so dependent on the fluctuating value.

Some people use this to do different things. For example, they can bet on their favourite sports team and use the betting pool to gamble. They can also gamble online using this type of currency and be more competitive in the online world.

However, some people use this form of gambling to make their living. This can be done by taking advantage of the fact that some casinos have no minimum deposits.

Many of the competitors who use this style of gambling will take advantage of the ability to play online poker. This is where they can gamble without having to travel to a casino physically. It is very convenient and can allow them to place bets from any part of the world.

Poker online allows players to bet a certain amount of money. This will enable them to earn money from their bets. This is what makes online poker so accessible. However, with online poker, there is no risk, and thus many people are willing to risk a lot of money in this type of gambling.

The benefits of using Bitcoin for casinos are many. First, it is the quickest way to make money online. People can play on their mobile phones. This is fantastic because it allows the participant to move money quickly without having to wait for the transaction.

Also, the casino will never require the user to deposit real money. They can deposit funds to their virtual accounts and play for real money at any time they want. It is like playing on their personal computer. In the process, players are not limited to just a few gambling websites.

One of the key advantages of using the currency for online casinos is that there are no fees. Some sites charge fees for each transaction. When paying with a digital currency, you will never have to worry about paying any hidden fees or even giving out your social security number.

PayPal is a popular payment method among web users. But some individuals do not like the concept of their payment going to the site itself. They do not enjoy sharing their info. This can cause complications for individuals who are not comfortable giving out their credit card numbers or banking account numbers.

However, many people feel that this payment method is okay. There are other payment methods available that use different means, such as cash or credit cards.

Before signing up with an internet casino, make sure to check their privacy policy. This is going to ensure that you and the website do not share any information. This is particularly critical if you are signing up for a credit card that has a large limit. Since they are anonymous transactions, they should not share your information.

Internet gambling has opened the door to many people all over the world. It is no longer restricted to only those in the United States and Canada. If you are interested in playing at an internet casino, it is better to play from anywhere that you wish to.

Internet casinos can help you play games that may be available on your favourite television channel, not including missing the action on the television. You can enjoy the game without having to wait until the show is over.

Internet casino websites often offer bonuses, contests, and games that may interest you. It is easy to win prizes if you play the right game, and you may find that you get a lot of money if you play in a particular game. This can make gambling fun again and allow you to keep coming back.

Playing the game of roulette is another way to make money. You can choose a site that allows you to play for a certain amount of time, or even play for an extended period. And, because of the convenience factor, you may be able to win a lot of money.

Playing slots can also help you win a lot of money. While the payout is small, there are many different games to play, and winning big is high.

You can find many gains from using the currency for online casinos. These benefits are great for anyone that wants to make money at home and play online. Remember to shop around for the best internet casino to make sure they will provide you with quality service and security.

Remember, never play what you cannot afford to lose. Good Luck, Good Games, and Good Times.

Embracing Cryptocurrency

Why Casinos Are Embracing Cryptocurrency In 2020

Bitcoin is a decentralised peer to peer cryptocurrency that is quite popular, and gaining popularity over the years. Its demand is increasing per day every day and currently stands at a market value of seventeen thousand eight hundred US dollars. So it is clearly quite popular and much in demand. Such a high demand for this particular cryptocurrency is because of the immense anonymity it provides to the user. In fact, the currency is so anonymous that only the pseudonym of the founder of bitcoin ‘Satoshi Nakomoto’ is known. His real name, considering it is a he because of the pseudonym, is unknown to date.

There are a wide range of reasons why casinos are currently focusing on incorporating bitcoin as a means of payment for gamblers. Some of these are listed below.

High Transaction Speeds

In the traditional setting, online casinos may take days, even weeks, to process the winnings of a particular player. This is due to several reasons. It depends on the vastness in the amount of money won, which country the player is playing from and to an extent, the laws pertaining to gambling in that particular country. By using bitcoin, this long period of waiting can be avoided. This is quite beneficial not just to the gambler, but also to the casino. This is because as the reputation of the casino to provide better payment options increases, more and more people get attracted to the casino, thus generating more revenue. The main reason why bitcoin transactions are so fast is because they do not have to deal with bank authorisation or other regulating forces, because bitcoin is an independent currency that is not affected by third party operations.

Embracing Cryptocurrency

Low Transaction Fees

Bitcoin has the lowest transaction fees of all the digital currencies in the world. This works like a charm to both players as well as firms because no one has to pay extra to receive the money they win. The set standard fees is only a few cents, which garners a lot of interest from all parties. Since the currency is so specific when it comes to transaction amounts, the cost of transaction does not usually exceed 1 percent of its value, which is quite low compared to other digital payments which attract two to three percent as fees.


This is arguably the most desirable feature of bitcoin, and the reason why a lot of people are interested in gambling with cryptocurrency. It is only natural that people would want to keep their transactions, private and bank details private. With bitcoin, the casinos have no choice but to comply. However this does not mean that it brings a handicap to the casino, it is quite literally the opposite. Because of the anonymity, people now find it easier to gamble without the government getting involved. In most countries, gambling is restricted or banned; and with the anonymity that it provides, people find it safer to gamble without fear of being caught, since the payer cannot be traced back to the source of the money.


Benefits of Using Bitcoin To Gamble

Bitcoin gambling is the new talk in town, and people are getting excited to know more about it. As a unique payment option, gambling with Bitcoin has many benefits, and today we are going to highlight a few of these. Since the field of gambling is always filled with innovation, one should look forward to Bitcoin entering the scene and taking control of things for the better. So without further ado, here are the benefits of using Bitcoin to gamble.

1. Secure and Safe

Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin gambling is safe and secure, and you will be introduced to a whole new style of gambling. The different features and the technology through which it carries forward helps you get used to safe transactions that tend to be protected from the world. As a result, the previous problems of online gambling may not surface, and you can make the most of it.

2. A Decentralized Format

The absence of a central regulatory authority is always a benefit since no one can take away your bitcoins or even freeze the account. As a result, you will be left with control over your actions, and an outside power cannot dictate things for you. The subject of taxation and other related aspects won’t make the cut, and your Bitcoin lies safe with you.

3. Fast and Instant Transactions

Transactions with Bitcoin tend to take place within a matter of time, and you can always carry it forward regardless of where you are located. The many problems associated with withdrawals and deposits won’t be a part of the process, and your gambling experience will be lifted in a whole new direction. Due to all that, gambling with Bitcoin tends to bring about a difference, and you need to check it out.

Forget Inflation

4. Forget Inflation

The limited number of Bitcoins and the nature of predictability behind its volume growth place Bitcoin on a different platform when compared to other currencies. It will not be poured out into the market, and thus Inflation will never come in to create problems. As a result, your transactions can lead to profitable outcomes that are too good to be ignored. So, Inflation is out of the picture.

5. Low Transaction Fees

The subject of middlemen or other such individuals does not fit into the Bitcoin network, and you will never come across them. Due to that, Bitcoin transactions are low costing tools, and at times, they can also be free. As these benefits promote the ideal gambling experience, you will fall in love with the process and take control of all that is provided to you.

Hence, those were the main set of benefits that arise from gambling with Bitcoin.


Essential Tips for Gambling With Bitcoin

Online gambling has brought forward different kinds of features that tend to open the path of exploration. From VR gaming to Bitcoin, gamblers have seen it all, and things are bound to get a lot more interesting. While VR gaming and other related aspects are gaining popularity, it does not come close to Bitcoin gambling. Everyone wants to gamble with Bitcoin and understand what the experience feels like. So to help you get started on that front, here are a few tips that can seal the deal.

Develop an Interest Towards Bitcoin

Going ahead to gamble with Bitcoin will never make sense if you have no clue about the famous cryptocurrency. As a new format of gambling, Bitcoins have changed the game, and analysing the same is quite important to highlight your gambling experience. Due to that, you need to develop an interest in Bitcoin, explore the world of Bitcoin, and understand the manner in which transactions are carried forward. As a result, you have a lot of work to do.

Buying and Selling Bitcoins

Buying and Selling Bitcoins

A mere understanding of Bitcoin transactions is not enough to help you get started. You need an actual experience that can talk about the features and how it all becomes a part of the picture. So going ahead to buy and sell Bitcoin will help you understand more about the process, and it will also highlight the involvement of the Blockchain technology. While the process is time-consuming, it will leave you with a lot to think about and how you need to move forward with Bitcoin transactions.

Understand Risks

Transactions involving finance and other related aspects tend to come with risks, and one needs to understand that. You should be able to analyze the risks and come out with ways to control the impact that it causes. In this manner, you will anticipate uncertainty and be ready to face it. While these risks cannot be eliminated, it can always be controlled and taken forward in a manner that tends to make sense. Due to that, you need to understand risks and move on to ensure that it all goes according to the plan.

A Matter of Law

A Matter of Law

Laws surrounding Bitcoin might not be something that you expected because governments are not always comfortable with an unregulated currency coming into the economy. Due to that, certain countries have banned cryptocurrencies, while certain others are coming forward to accept the same. So before you go ahead to gamble, you need to check the state law and the federal law to get a clear picture of the matter. By doing so, you will know how to move forward and make the most of your gambling experience with Bitcoin.


Top Bitcoin Casinos for 2020

Bitcoin gambling is taking over the market, and everyone is falling in love with the many features that it has to provide. From fast and free transactions to safety and security, Bitcoin promises a lot more than one can expect. Thanks to all that, the search for the top Bitcoin casinos is on, and gamblers want nothing but the best. If you are also on the lookout for something similar, then you have reached the right place. Hence, here are the top Bitcoin casinos for 2020.



There’s no debating the fact that Bitstarz is one of the most popular Bitcoin casinos in the market. As a fair and regulated casino, you will get used to the fine experience of gambling with over 2,000 high quality games and other related features. Apart from Bitcoin, the casino also accepts other forms of payments like Neteller, Litecoin, Mastercard, and so on. But the missing features of a sportsbook is the only thing that we would like to change.

Fortune Jack

Established in 2014, Fortune Jack is a trusted casino that is regulated by the Curacao government. It tends to carry forward the gambling experience with over 500 games and popular payment methods. With a verified account at Fortune Jack, gamblers tend to be eligible to receive cashback offers and various other bonus features. Due to that, gambling at Fortune Jack hits you with benefits, apart from the ones brought forward by Bitcoins.


The 24-7 live chat feature and a long list of games tend to take Stake forward by placing it among the list of the best. As a casino, Stake offers the right set of payment methods, and every gambler will be able to choose one for them. To make matters interesting, the house edge stands at an average of 1% and varies depending upon the game you’re playing. As a result, Stake is another casino that is worth all your money.

7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino

Progressive sign-up bonuses may be hard to find at other casinos but not at 7Bit Casino. As a den for gambling, 7Bit Casino offers a premium experience that captures the various requirements of a gambler. Be it slots or other jackpot games; you will always have options to choose from. Thanks to that, gambling at 7Bit Casinos is another aspect that you need to consider because the casino will help you make the most of it.


The year 2020 has not been anything like we expected. But that should not lower our spirits because there were other aspects to look forward to. So spread joy and happiness and keep yourself engaged with Bitcoin gambling because it is always worth the experience.


4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Casinos are The Future

Online gambling has become more popular today than the brick and mortar casinos due to the ease of access and new choices. The recent introduction of bitcoin casinos in the online gambling industry is said to be seen as profitable over fiat currencies. After Bitcoin gained popularity in 2012, the online gambling operators also saw this as an opportunity to make profits. Today, the online gambling industry has many reputable bitcoin casinos. What makes these casinos different, and why are they the future of online gambling? Here are five reasons why bitcoin casinos are better and safer.

Privacy considerations

Since all the transactions for bitcoin are made online, and no centralized bank is involved in such transactions, the person’s identity using bitcoins remains completely private. Bitcoin operates on a fully decentralized blockchain. There are no 3rd parties involved in between. One can play completely anonymously while keeping their money safe. It is useful for players from countries that have banned online gambling. Players can stay anonymous and protect their identity.


Bitcoin bonuses

Imagine getting bitcoin bonuses and exchanging it to receive a large sum of money. Players can enjoy their favorite games like slot machines, roulette, and pokey while making bitcoin transactions. But the reason why more people are joining the bitcoin casinos is the bonuses. One can choose from any of the casinos available to receive free bonuses and promo codes. It can give you some free bitcoins as you keep collecting the points in the game.


Since the online bitcoin casinos share no information with any third party, it is always a two-sided business. A customer should be freely able to use the supplier’s services without letting a third party like a bank or authority overwatch them. Bitcoin casinos can avoid such regulatory terms of revealing the information of their players. Anyone with bitcoin can make an account on these platforms and start playing. Since there is no record for identity, people can completely enjoy their freedom to play games in a restricted country like Japan.


Safety and security

Bitcoin can keep a player safe from any government problems that strike time after time. It ruins the mood of the player to answer the question for the only thing they use to enjoy. No one wants the government to be checking out their private information. Blockchain casinos provide the right anonymity to protect their player’s identities from the government and hackers. These casinos can keep your money private while being easily accessible only to you. Online websites can get attacked by malware or hackers, but the encrypted platforms are too strong to break into, and even if they do, they will receive nothing.


Quick Guide to Bitcoin Casinos

Now you must be wondering how one should choose bitcoin over any other currency for online gambling, and the answer is simple. Bitcoin casinos are safer, faster, profitable, and practical for the players. There are numerous reasons why online gambling is incorporating bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Choose from a variety of games and get started on a bitcoin platform. This quick guide will discuss how to create an account on a bitcoin gaming platform and start playing.

Variety of games available at the casino

Bitcoin casinos are no different from the regular online casinos. They work the same way, only, in this case, the mode of transaction is different. Bitcoin casinos have more variety in slot games with several bitcoin bonuses. Most of the bitcoin casinos offer blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat as table games. Since all the games are easy to access and are completely online, it will not be difficult for any new learner to join the games and start playing.

Bitcoin casinos

The bitcoin games

Most of the bitcoin casinos have the same games as the regular online gambling sites. Any new player who has an idea about the game and can make a deposit to start playing. Bitcoin casinos are not much different from the other online casinos. On top of that, bitcoin casinos can also offer new-age games and 3D slots as more operators are entering the cryptocurrency industry. They can provide a unique and original experience with the games that are optimized for bitcoin usage.

Wagering on the games

Wagering for any game depends on how much you can afford to lose and how much the game permits. The only difficult part about wagering money online is getting the money from your wallet to your gaming wallet. Once you have money in your gaming wallet, you can start playing on any table you would like to. You can break down a bitcoin into smaller denominations and play for a long period. Betting in bitcoin casinos is the same as betting on the regular online casinos.

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Where can I play the best bitcoin casino games

There are plenty of options available in the market that offer bitcoin gambling. You need to make a list of casinos and their features find out which casino suits your needs. Some of the known casinos around the world include Trust Dice, Stake, Bit Starz, BetOnline, and mBit. Some special bitcoin casinos offer 3D gambling, live tables, and VR games. With plenty of options to choose from, only can only relax and do a bit of research before approaching a single casino.

Bitcoin games are safe and secure with blockchain technology. It is the reason why people like to make quick transactions in bitcoin with a worldwide gaming community. It is currently the number one digital currency. The smallest wins can make major profits in blockchain casinos.

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Why The Us Does Not Allow Betting With Bitcoin In Online Casinos

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. In some parts of the world, the word Bitcoin is synonymous to cryptocurrency, for the general public only knows that one cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrency on the rise, it would be logical to assume that with the privacy that cryptocurrency offers, gamlbing in Bitcoin would be the future, especially in places like Las Vegas. However, this is not exactly the case because the ‘Land of The Free’ apparently does not even let people have control over what they can do with their money.

Bitcoin has been used for online gambling for as long as the digital currency has been around. In the early days of gambling in bitcoin, people used to use well known gambling websites like SatoshiDice, Just Dice, Seals With Clubs etc. This was especially important because these websites had millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency bets and had a large number of players at the time as well. In fact, Eric Vorhees, CEO of SatoshiDice, sold the company for one hundred and twenty six thousand three hundred and fifteen bitcoins, which amounted to an approximate of eleven million US dollars at the time. However, the sad part is that even though there are a large number of bitcoin gambling sites today, most people in the United States cannot play as online casinos block US residents. So when a person is gambling from within the US, the gaming server and trace back the IP address back to the US.

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For example, when a United States resident or a mere visitor to the United States visits a bitcoin casino like Bitcoin Cash Games, they are greeted with a geo-blocking message saying they cannot play any of the games with real money. However, visitors can play with test tokens for fun on the Bitcoin Gaming Casino website. explains that their servers can detect if a player is trying to play from the USA, even though they regret having to block US players just because a few people living in Washington D.C does not approve.

It is odd that a country that supposedly promotes all sorts of freedom does not allow its citizens to do what they want with their money online. There are currently 4 states in the US where online poker is allowed: Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Nevada; with Native American reservations as well. The main reason people cannot gamble online in the US is because of the legislation called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. George Bush was the president who brought about this legislation. It is sort of shady, because it does not prosecute individual Americans, but rather aims at foreign companies and offshore gambling operators who create such sites in the US.

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